SNAP Interviews with Bernadette Boas

There are millions of small business owners working their tail off to start, manage and grow their business, and they could use attention and exposure of the awesome work they do. As a result, I’ve introduced a new showThe Biz SNAP Show to showcase those owners, their businesses, and the fabulous impact they are making for their clients in a snappy 15-minute interview.

What’s a SNAP you ask?  It is a Snappy Networking Accelerator Pitch one would use to teach someone about themselves and the value they bring their customers.

Should you have a small business you want to showcase, join our Shift to Riches Group community and leave me a comment stating – Showcase Me!!!  Someone from the team will get with you with more details and a schedule. You can also share your written SNAP on our Shift to Riches Group page every Wednesday.

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Kelly Balachandran of Your Write Scribe (.com)

Kelly Balachandran of Your Write Scribe takes the effort of transcribing your content so you can create multiple pieces of content to expand your brand, authority and reach. Learn more at


Lisa Kelly of Elevate Cloud

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Rocky Lalvani, The Profit Answer Man

Rocky, the Profit Answer Man, discusses why focusing on profit is key to your success. Learn more at www.profitcomesfirst.


JoAnna Wright of Bottom Line Wealth (.com)

JoAnna Wright of Bottom Line Wealth talks about how she is changing lives and retirements by investing in real estate and creating financial wealth and freedom. Learn more at

Mike Peters of Go Dog Sports (.com)

Mike discussed how his company is bringing youth sports to all parents, families, friends and more when they can’t be there live. It’s awesome. Learn more at

Sophie Zollman of SophieZo Virtually There for You

Sophie Zollmann of SophieZo Virtually There For You, discusses how her services transform the lives of 6 and 7 Figure Businesses.
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Ted McLyman of Ted

Ted McLyman discusses how your habits, and beliefs toward money affects your ability to achieve money success. Learn more at


Mike McKenna of Adaptable

Mike McKenna of Adaptable and Shotgunflat discusses how his business and technology is helping both businesses and the vision impaired to leverage everything online / website access has to offer so they are fully independent. Learn more at


Precious L. Williams of Perfect Pitches by Precious

Perfect Pitches by Precious helps clients solve their pitching, presentation, and communication challenges.  Learn more at


Jackie Bertolette of Haute Ohio Magazine

Haute Ohio Magazine is committed to elevating high fashion, couture style and fashion professionals hailing from or operating in Ohio and The Midwest.


Carnellia Ajasin of Mind Katalyst. 

We create meaningful experiences for people through technology-enabled products that grow business and make people lives better. Go to to learn more.


Quinn Barrett of


Brandon Amoroso of electrIQ Marketing at


Brigitte Lawler of LEGEND-SA at

LEGEND is all about taking businesses to the next level, whatever that “next level” means for your business. Learn more at


Steve Dubin of PR Works at

Jennifer Spivak of #TeamSpivak, The Facebook Ads Girl

Debra Parker of Parker House Virtual Services