Welcome to the one and only ‘mindset AND skillset’ accelerator that transforms your goals, dreams and aspirations for your career, business and life into the RICHES you have always deserved!!!!

If you:

– Are burned out or overwhelmed working on achieving other people’s and company’s goals, and want clarity and focus to achieve your own goals.

Feel and know deep down you are meant for bigger, better and to make a signficant impact but you’re not sure where to begin.

Understand the value of investing in yourself and are open to coaching, ready to get uncomfortable and are willing to take risks they haven’t considered before.

– Want to have a partner, advisor, cheerleader, sounding board and accountability partner to provide direction, ideas, guidance, coaching and a clear path toward success.

A 6+ figure business owner or corporate professional who is driven, determined and ready to achieve massive success and abundance in their work and life.

Then this 12-month transformative personal, professional and business accelerator program that will ACCELERATE your success, with expert advisement and mentorship, masterminding, results-focused accountability, personalized business, executive and life coaching, training, and a peer community is for you!

What you get…


The SHIFT TO RICHES ACCELERATOR gives our clients the tools, tips, techniques, strategies and coaching that will allow them to excel, accelerate and gain abundance in their career, business and life. GUARANTEED.


We are honored to be part of your shift and transformation.

“I have worked with Bernadette as my coach since 2018…the difference she has made is not only noticeable to those around me, but also to how I feel about myself and the improved results I see when speaking, and more importantly, responding and sharing information with others.” Dorothy O.



  • A gentle but tough-love touch fully focused on getting you results.
  • A hands-on collaborative approach that guides you from defining your RICHplan, life opportunities, business strategies and career path to executing and accomplishing your plans.
  • Build the foundation for long term growth which allows for acceleration over time.
  • Address both the mindset and skill set required for success and massive achievement.
  • Timeless strategies, practices and principles that frees you from the chaos of time and provides the breath and space to grow significantly personally and professionally.

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“I discovered Bernadette by chance through her profile on LinkedIn . Following our first phone call, I was convinced that she would be the right business advisor for me. She is able to quickly understand what I need to take my business to the next level and acts as a sounding board for my ideas and concerns. Her belief in my capabilities and persistence in ensuring I push through challenges motivates me to keep moving forward.”    Kamales L.

If things aren’t going exactly the way you want, if your struggling and know deep down that something has got to change, I urge you to invest some time in yourself with Bernadette. You are worth it and she can help. Instruction, accountability and rewards are included! All you have to do is make the commitment.

“She truly knows how to dispel the bitches of fear and doubt, and encourages you to climb those deep steps towards the riches of courage and confidence.”  Dorothy O.



  Your 12-Month Shift to Riches Accelerator

  • A Private One on One RICHplan Strategy Coaching Session
    • Deliverables include your Victory Plan, Goal Plan, and Action Plan = RICH Plan for Success.
  • Weekly Checkpoints to track progress, address challenges and create idea.
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call where you can mastermind with me and other members of the Accelerator
  • Monthly Accountability Session to ensure you are on track and to address any obstacles
  • Monthly Training Session on top of mind topics with watch parties and replays 
  • Monthly Hot Seat Session to address your big issues or create big ideas
  • Monthly Group RICHplan Mastermind Session to define, validate, refine and execute plan
  • Monthly online Member Exchange SNAP Sessions to introduce yourself and your work with the other members to partner, learn and grow together
  • Member Directory of fellow members
  • Private Facebook forum for collaboration, addressing questions and more.
  • Audios, Videos, Templates, and Resources
  • Access to the Member Portal so you can access the program content, workbooks, templates, tips, tools and more.


“What an impressive, comprehensive, practical and powerful session I had with Bernadette, with a great followup email capturing what she heard from me and how I can move forward with the changes I need to make to enhance my success. She really nailed it for me and I am excited to implement her recommendations.” Carol E.



From my early twenties well into my forties, I had a life most would envy. I had it all; a Fortune 500 corporate executive title and the salary that comes with it, a beautiful home, a passport full of stamps from around the globe, and the ability to never look at my savings balance. Then suddenly, in 2007, on the Monday after Thanksgiving,  I found myself standing in the middle of a parking lot with a pink slip in my hand, holding a single box of my 25-year corporate career. I had NO idea of why I had just lost everything.

Over the following months, I spent long days and night digging deep inside to figure out ‘what the hell just happened’. Then on a morning jog, I collapsed to the gound in a pool of shame, humiliation, disgust and pain, over the realization of the woman I had become; the ultimate corporate tyrant. Okay, I was a bitch, plain and simple.

In that moment, I had decided and fully committed to the fact that something had to change, I had to change. That’s where my own shift to riches journey began.

Today, I am recognized as a renowned ball of fire coach, consultant and speaker, who bares my truth and leans on my own rise and fall, to transform the lives of entrepreneur and corporate professionals from the inside out. In return, they create the riches in their career, business and life they deserve.

In 2011, I published my story and lessons learned in my first book, Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business,  and currently writing the follow-up, Shift from Bitch to Rich, A Guide to Create Riches in Your Career, Business and Life. Today, I host the popular Shedding the Bitch Radio Podcast, host the Biz SNAP small business showcase show, and have become an online influencer in the transformation coaching space.

I have called Atlanta, Georgia home since 1995 and can be found running around town with my four-legged, best friend Coco.