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Are you ready to take ownership of your dreams, ambitions and goals? Are you struggling to figure out what your life will look like in your next season?

After digging deep and excavating her soul to discover her own truth and mission in life, Bernadette now discusses top of mind issues, challenges and opportunities women face in all aspects of their life that are either holding them back or propelling them forward, in hopes her listeners will take away actionable nuggets they can apply to their work and life today.

Bernadette is renowned as a true ball of fire transformation and success coach, speaker, host, and celebrated author for her bold confessions in her first book, Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business. She takes you with her during her shedding and transformation from a woman who wreaked havoc on everyone and everything that stood in her way of power, position and prosperity, to the fulfilled, accomplished and empowered woman she is today. She now shares, dialogues, debates and delights in the success of women and provokes conversations that have her listeners acknowledge their  ‘bitches’ of fear, insecurity, doubt and negativity that keep them from pursuing and achieving their dreams, so they achieve the riches in life they so deserve.

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Failure is not optional…. It is required! with guest, Cheryl Johnson

You Aren’t a Leader if You Are Refusing to Give Up Control

Stuck and Frustrated? – Secrets to Navigating Obstacles with Ease with Tammy Guns

Accelerate Your Professional Growth with The Body Code and Mark Hernandez

Ask me Anything with Bernadette Boas

3 steps to get started in real estate investing with Jo Anna Wright

Shake the Dirt with Michael Arterberry

Your Purpose Can’t Wait with Davina Ware

Unleash Your Inner Author with Amy Collette

Leading & Self-Managing Through Adverse & Ambiguous Times with Steve Gavatorta

Ask Me Anything with Bernadette Boas

– What to do if you think you ‘re being fired, negotiating your salary, Pro’s and Con’s of buying a franchise, how to stop the hate on social media

Money Matters with Karen Ford of KMF Company

How to Get Free Publicity Today with guest, Sharon Bolt

Thriving Post-Covid 19 with Howard Wolpoff

Ask Me Anything with Bernadette Boas

The Best Way to Overcome – Serve Others

What it truly means to be PERSISTENT!!

Women Overcoming with Melony Brown

Never lose HOPE or you may miss the opportunities for abundance.

Vision to Victorious Achievement – Your Plan for Overcoming

Let’s Talk “Turning your Talents into RICHes”

Together we WILL get through this!!!

Shift from FEAR to CONCERN (including over Coronavirus)

Lessons of a Bitch to help you achieve Riches!

Reading the Soul with guest, Catherine Carrigan

How Emotional Intelligence is Your Game Changer for Success!

The Power of Habits for a Successful Life

Time Management HACKS for 2020 to help you succeed!

Shift to RICHes in your Career, Business and Life

2020’s Ask Me Anything with Bernadette Boas

– Questions included – how to podcast, how to assess a business, the #1 most awkward interview question and more.

2020’s Ask Me Anything (Jan) – Tough Interview Questions, Business Assessment, How to Podcast and more

It’s 2020 Let’s celebrate with a Shift to RICHes plan for Succes – includes worksheet

Wrap Up 2019 by Assessing your Success

How to deal with the CRAZIES of Family and Friends during the holidays!

Shed the High School Trauma Bitch

Ask Me Anything with Bernadette Boas (Dec)

Give Thanks and Create Riches in your Career and Life

Write Your Story and Inspire Others

Shed the INTIMIDATION Bitch!!

Ask Me Anything with Bernadette Boas – How to set boundaries, how to suggest a leadership coach for my bully boss, and how to write a boook.

Shed the Mental Stigma Bitch!!

Stop Fearing Tough Conversations. Let’s Talk About Them

Mortal Moments with Sharon Williams

We Talked Believing Now Let’s Talk Visualizing. The Why and the How!!

Why must we hate!!! Online or in person…. damn get confident!

Stop Saying “I’m Sorry” If You Want To Succeed!

Grab Someone and Bare Your Soul

It’s Not About VISUALIZING…It’s All About BELIEVING. But How?

Improve your health without drugs, anytime and anywhere with Catherine Carrigan

Let’s Talk…. about shedding! What it means, what it does, how to do it.

Be Your Best Before, During and After a Job Interview

Betrayal Sucks – Shed it Once and For All

Shedding the MIDYEAR Bitch – It’s Not Always SMART

Ask Bernadette – How to Ask for a Raise, Dealing with Competition, Ex-Wives

Fake It Till You Make It – A Good Strategy for Overcoming

Mistakes – It’s a Love and Hate Thing.

Change Your WORDS and You Change Your WORLD!!

Ask Me Anything with Bernadette Boas

Unsupportive Bosses Suck, What Can You Do?

End your Dry Spell of Desires, Intentions, Whatever it is

Faith, Gratitude and Thankfulness is PEACE!

You May Think Aging Sucks But What Freedom It Provides

Ask Me Anything about Interviewing, Perceptions and more..

Top 3 Questions You Should Ask to Carve Your Career or Business Path

The Stuck Bitch is a Bitch!!!Why Do You Care What Others Think? Shed the EGO!

Procrastination Sucks… Overcome it!I’m not sure what to say…Regret or No Regrets… Would you have done anything differently?Can someone really Shed the Bitch and change?

Ask Me Anything with Bernadette Boas

Coach, Mentor and/or Sponsors. Their value to your life and career/business.

Shed the ‘stuck’ bitch!

Happy Valentines!!!! Find Love in YOU and your life.

Ask Me Anything with Bernadette Boas

It’s My Birthday and Your Day to Get GIFTS!!!!

Shed the Excuses, They Kill Dreams

Coming Up Blank on Resolutions? RELAX

Happy 2019!!! Lets Rock the Year with your 2019 RICHplan!!

Winding down 2018 with Bernadette Boas

ASK ME ANYTHING addresses the Mistakes Employees Make at Holiday Socials!!

Shedding the HOLIDAY Bitches and Blues

When Reality and Fiction Collide – Stalker by August Cruz

How to Stop Procrastinating and FINALLY Write Your Book, with Dallas Woodburn

It’s Only Half Time with Guest, Terri Crook

From Bitch to Badass with Dorothy Kuhn, Take 2

Why women love strong men with Elliott Katz

It Takes Girl Grit To End Girl Growls with Paula Kramer

What does it really take to have MENTAL TOUGHNESS!

It’s MAY…. and Ask Me Anything Week.

Learn how to get Free Marketing using Radio and Podcasts with Jim Beach

Succeed in Business with your Heart… Guest, Terry Wildemann returns!

Shedding the Weight Bitch, But It’s Not About the Scale!

Business casual does not mean casual business. What not to do to impress!

Ask Bernadette Anything…What Do You Need Help With. CALL 1-818-572-2910

  • Your questions answered – how to take risks when riddled with fear, how to make a powerful pitch (for a job, investment, etc.), how to start a podcast/radio show to amp up business, and more….

Women Who Dare Ignite with Connie Phieff

How to Attract an Emotionally Healthy Relationship with Riana Milne

Understand Pain vs. Suffering with Catherine Carrigan (Replay)

Ask Bernadette?… on Shedding the Bitch Radio

Find Unlimited Energy Now with Medical Intuitive, Catherine Carrigan

Shattering the Glass Walls Within with Ginny Townsend

Get rid of the #haters in your life!

Happy New Year! We’re talking Goals, Planning, Asking for a Raise!

Staying Connected in this Topsy-Turvy World w/ Sharon Williams

A special Year-End ASK Bernadette answering your career, biz and life questions

Simple Ideas change the world… with Mariela Dabbah

We have to eliminate sexual harrassment and abuse…. #MeToo

Shedding the Chaos of Time! with Bernadette

Ask Me Anything on Shedding the Bitch Radio with Bernadette Boas

No Matter Your Role, You Are in SALES… Learn Why and How with Jane Gentry

Getting Women into the Boardroom with Shiela Ronning

Guest, Duana Welch, Talks Playing Hard to Get is Sexy, Being a Bitch is NOT.

Ask Me Anything on Shedding the Bitch Radio with Bernadette Boas

Don’t fall victim to the Super Woman Syndrome with Andrea Arena PLAY

The Difference between Pain and Suffering with Catherine Carrigan PLAY

Recognize the CEO in You… with Guest Star, Stephanie Barnes PLAY

Don’t Take Workplace Bullies with Lynne Curry PLAY

Why are people so annoying? …. with Dr. Sylvia LaFair PLAY

Communication and Sustainability with guest, Bonnie Daneker PLAY

Inside Secrets to #AngelInvesting with Karen Rands VIDEO PLAY

Networking and Netweaving to Profits with Michael Moore VIDEO PLAY

Ladies, Men’s Perception of You is Not in Your Favor PLAY

Are Men Intimidated by Successful Women with Jenn Burton PLAY

What is Social Media Today with Catherine Carrigan PLAY

How to Influence Others and Profit by Kindness with Jill Lublin PLAY

Achieving Success through Obstacles with author and survivor, Justin Peck PLAY

A Fresh Perspective on the Same Old Drama with Rebecca Carroll-Bell PLAY

How to build a happy post-divorce afterlife, with guest star, Shanon Lee PLAY

Overcome Emotional Abuse with author and guest star, Alexis Nicole White PLAY

ASK Bernadette – Career, business and life tips from your questions. PLAY

Care for Yourself And Be The Best You with Dr. Kelly Morrow-Baez PLAY

Men are NOT from Mars. Women are NOT from Venus with Joseph Holmes PLAY

How to Tell Your Story, So Others Will Actually Give a Crap with Matt Marr PLAY

Tips and Advice for your career, business and life with Bernadette Boas PLAY

 It Starts with Self-Awareness, Gut and Intuition with Kay Lathrop PLAY

 Create Buzz and Raving Fans for your Brand with Jessica Potts PLAY

Handling Difficult Situations at Home/Work w/ Guest, Lynne Curry PLAY

The Face Within: Changing Your Unconscious Blueprint with Sue Lester PLAY

Listful Thinking: Using Lists to be More Productive with Paula Rizzo, PLAY

The Female/Male Dynamic in Biz and the ROI they Generate, Bernadette PLAY

Love Drop…the Secret Tool for Business and Life Success, Cindy Sharp PLAY

Show Up to Blow Up Your Influential Brand w/ Guest Erica Castner PLAY

ASK Bernadette…and get advice and tips for your career, business and life! PLAY

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Fall in Love with Monday’s ……with our guest, Nadine Haupt PLAY

Learn the Questions You Need to Ask for Success with Judy Hoberman PLAY

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Hard To Get Is Sexy, Being A Bitch Is Not w/ Duana Welch PLAY

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Arouse Your Own Interest for Life Success with Susan Bremer O’Neill PLAY

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Write Your Story NOW w/ Anita Henderson, Candice Davis, Carol Dunlop PLAY

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International Women’s Day – Stand Up and Own Your SUCCESS! PLAY

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Have a Kickass Life Writing Your Life Story….w/ Amy Collette PLAY

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Worry and Stress are NOT Your Fault w/ Sharie Spironhi PLAY

2016 Here we come w/ host Bernadette Boas   PLAY

Setting your 2016 Goals w/ Guest Speaker Andrea Wright  PLAY

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Write, Rewrite or Enhance Your Life Story w/ Bernadette Boas  PLAY

What Men & Women Need for Unstoppable Relationships Lori Ann Davis PLAY

Flip Your Script: Reset Your Mindset w/ Gratitude w/ Colette Ellis PLAY

Overcome Adversity w/ Bernadette Boas  PLAY

Do You Live in Defeat or as a Overcomer Melony Brown PLAY

Think BIG and Overcome Anything in Life Scott Hansen PLAY

Overcoming Strife in the “Worlds Biggest Closet” Theresa Roemer PLAY

Our imperfections are what make us perfect! Leanne Mulcahy PLAY

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